Who We Are

Minnesota Organ Service, a division of RAW Music Endeavors, LLC, is a small business which is centered around the repair, maintenance, and sales of new and used Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. Based out of Minneapolis, MN, we offer a wide array of repair services and custom made music products.

Owner Rich Waryan has been customizing and fixing Hammond organs and Leslie speakers for almost 30 years, and is considered an authority in the vintage electronics repair sector. Rich Waryan spent the better part of a decade as the primary repair technician, custom Hammond organ chop builder, and customer service manager for the Minnesota based company, BB Organ.

In addition to the custom built Hammond organ chops and rugged high powered Leslie speakers, we offer a vast catalog of new and used replacement and repair parts for your new and used Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker systems.

We are also an authorized sales, service and warranty repair center for all Hammond-Suzuki products.

Our product line includes TREK-II products, custom made padded Hammond organ and Leslie speaker covers, as well as vacuum tubes for every application. Please call us today for the best prices and customer service in the industry. We look forward to helping you.